Letter: Where Baker is so wrong

THOSE in favour and those not in favour of the EU can and will disagree until they are all blue the face, but where he is so wrong is that he will not allow the people to decide.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg could not have made it more clear when I heard him on the television. When asked why not have a referendum on the EU, he simply replied: “Because I want to do what is best for Britain.” Clearly a huge majority continue to disagree with that view (I think it’s nearly 75 percent now). Norman Baker MP calls this massive majority doggedly anti-European and some Tory back benchers.

Norman needs to start representing the people he supposedly represents.

By the way, I am not anti-European, quite the opposite, but I do believe in integrity and the fact that the country should have a say, unlike Norman Baker and Nick Clegg who just want their own way.

The result of this is that Norman Baker is now having to clearly stake his blue colours to the mast so that local people will be able to see just how blindly pro-Euro he is and this is now beginning to tell in most opinion polls.

Barry Taplin, Plumpton