LETTER: Where do you stand now?

You may be interested in the letter I sent to Maria Caulfield a week ago following the EU Referendum. I have not yet received a reply but will forward it to you as soon as it is received.

It seems some of the promises made by the Leave campaign are now being disowned and, indeed, many prominent campaigners are disappearing into the shadows so it would be good to hear our local MP’s current position.

Dear Maria,

My congratulations on winning the referendum.

Now that the dust is settling may I ask you about two subjects on which you based your campaign to Leave.

First, when will the £350M per week start to be spent on The NHS? I am concerned as I see another prominent Leave campaigner now says it was a ‘mistake’. Even Mr Duncan Smith is pulling back from this one.

Second, where do you stand on free movement of labour? Prominent Conservative Leave campaigners are saying it may not go after all.

It’s confusing being told one thing and then, after the result, something different.

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Redgewell,

High Street, Lewes