LETTER: Where is the strategic thinking?

Councillor Wendy Alexander is right in criticising the piecemeal approach to improvements on the A27 from Lewes to Polegate (letter, November 18).

Eight years ago, I was astonished when I realised the major “improvement” from Sotheram to Beddingham created only a three-lane road.

Where is the strategic thinking of the Government and East Sussex County Council in linking through to the A22?

If only £75m is available, let’s use it to create a proper dual carriageway on the section of the A27 that also carries the A26 traffic to reduce the jams at Lewes.

Before any other sections are improved, the line of a four-lane road from Beddingham to Polegate should be firmly established so that modifications to the A27 fit in with the final line of the road and that more money is not wasted on short term fixes.

Michael Staples

Grove Road, Seaford