LETTER: Where were howls of protest

Ukip are being somewhat economical with the truth (Letters, February 19).

Of course wind turbines cost money to build. So do new roads, harbours, houses....you name it.

There is an initial cost to everything. People with a conservative cast of mind do not like change so anything new is automatically opposed.

I wonder if windmills were welcomed or hated when first built? They are certainly now loved and preserved in Sussex and elsewhere.

Councillor Latham, puzzlingly, cannot distinguish between natural climate change and man-made climate change.

It is estimated by world experts that humans have poured around 1,950 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the last 200 years.

They did this by burning coal and other fossil fuels. Wind turbines don’t produce carbon dioxide.

What’s the point of opposing them if you care for the type of planet our children and grandchildren will inherit? He calls for more solar panels.

Towards the end of last year this government cut solar subsidies by 87 per cent. Where were the howls of Ukip protest from Lewes then?

As with climate change locally, so with the EU nationally. The date for the In-Out EU referendum has now been set.

Here’s a small early contribution to the debate. Ukip’s Nigel Farage wants Brexit, a British exit from the EU.

He claims the UK will be better off, particularly economically.

The chairman of blue chip giant BAE Systems, Sir Roger Carr, disagrees. ”Economic prosperity – the EU is our largest single export market-“ is one of the main reason for staying in.

I leave the choice to Sussex Express readers.

Alan Whittaker,

Chairman, Wealden Lib Dems