LETTER: Which planet?

Councillor Alan Lathan (‘Is sample size the answer?’, Letters, March 3) seems to be suggesting that we should hold a referendum to decide the issue of climate change, on the basis that ‘statistically, the margin of error decreases as sample size increases’.

What an interesting idea - perhaps we could extend it to other areas of scientific debate? For example, why spend billions on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, when we could just hold a referendum to decide if the Higgs boson exists.

And why bother searching for gravitational waves, when a simple referendum could determine whether Einstein was right about general relativity? After all, the answer will be ‘the right decision for the majority’. Or maybe we should just hold a referendum to decide which planet Councillor Latham is living on!

Ric Bithell

Fitzjohns Road, Lewes