Letter: Which port is so busy?

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ON the front page of the Sussex Express (March 2) under the headline Mixed reception for generation scheme, Daniel Carter, a director of Arrowcroft, the Railway Quay’s development company, was quoted as saying: “The project had 370 parking places, which was quite modest in comparison with the existing port traffic.”

My experience of supermarket parking places is that they are parked in for anything between 30 minutes and an hour meaning that 370 parking places in a 12-hour day could generate between 4,440 and 8,880 traffic movements each way – inflow and outflow, when operating at maximum capacity.

If you took a mean average at half that rate and with a 45 minute stay, you would still have 2,960 traffic movements in and 2,960 traffic movements out each day.

I don’t know which port Mr Carter is basing his traffic movement estimate on, but it’s certainly not the port at Newhaven if his reference to “existing port traffic” is to be believed.

Henry Page, Newhaven