LETTER: Who can you believe?

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In letters over the years I have acknowledged that climate change has occurred over the life of the planet but have been a constant sceptic of human caused global warming.

However, in recent months, I wonder if it’s best to concede that I could be wrong about anthropogenic global warming (AGW) – caused by humans – for the following reasons.

The fount of all wisdom, the BBC, continues to propagate the “fact” supported by experts including Green Peace, Friends of the Earth and the Green Party.

The Governor of the Bank of England says AGW is so.

Most of our MPs agree and the Government is spending billions of pounds of our money and time on the subject.

Even David Cameron braved the extreme cold of the Arctic to be filmed on a dog sleigh to see the effect of global warming.

The Pope has warned the world of the possible terrible consequences if no action is taken, as has the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The World Council of Churches has called and continues to call for action both temporal and spiritual (prayer and fasting).

Many grant and tax-funded research institutions including the IPCC continue to improve (revise) their forecasting models. The average global temperature has indeed increased by 1 degree centigrade over the past century and has stayed at that level for 16 months since, but we are assured that the global temperature will increase.

So in the face of all this, I guess this “super saga” will call it a day and look for other local causes for concern – there are plenty of them including the increasing steepness of School Hill.

Brian Beck

Highdown Rd, Lewes