LETTER: Why is council proposing to sell the whole site?

Approximately half the site of the proposed Buckle Housing Development is the Buckle car park and the rest is occupied by the Environment Agency Depot.

Why is Lewes District Council proposing to sell the whole site for housing and not just the Depot area if the agency no longer requires it?

If Seaford Town Council had submitted a Local Plan the Buckle car park and toilet facilities would have been designated as vitally important for long-term tourism. Unfortunately, the council were preoccupied with other matters and the Local Plan will not now be submitted before planning consent is finalised.

But the picture has not changed – this unique site and toilet facilities is still essential for the town’s future. Since Seaford is the only town enclosed by the South Downs National Park and sea we can expect tourism to increase and should be investing in facilities for the future not removing them.

Alternative parking proposals – removing yellow lines on the seafront and a tiny car park at the railway end of the Brickfields open space do not meet long-term needs. We cannot afford to lose the only sensible site for parking and toilet facilities at this end of the beach.

David Manthorpe

Kedale Road