LETTER: Why is Horam the dumping ground for barmy development plans?

Thank you the Sussex Express for your article about Wealden District Council’s determination to continue its concrete march over our village.

The one thing you don’t mention is its crass plan to build a massive crematorium in our village – why is Horam a dumping ground for its barmy development plans?

There is a great deal of upset and deep-seated anger in the village at the disgraceful and dictatorial way Wealden District Council is ignoring the views of local people.

A planning application for the crematorium will be put in front of Wealden District Council councillors very soon.

What is our ward councillor, Cllr Susan Stedman, doing about it? Nothing it would seem.

Horam villagers must rise up and protest this planned demolition of village life. How dare those faceless officials and sanctimonious little Napoleons decree that Horam will host a crematorium – how dare they!

Wealden District Council will face one hell of a fight if they continue down this road.

John and Felicity James

Horebeech Lane