LETTER: Why leave one of largest markets?

I have recently read two very interesting comments on the EU debate which have reinforced my decision on how to vote in the referendum.

The former prime minister of Sweden has poured scorn on the Out campaign’s claims that leaving the EU would allow Britain to get back its net contribution to the EU budget.

He said that other net contributors, such as France, Germany and Sweden would not be willing to let themselves make up the gap left by the UK and would therefore insist on the UK paying anyway as the condition of any trade deal, just as they do with Norway.

Then the city “super woman” Nicola Horlick stated that the EU is one of the largest markets in the world with over half a billion people, so why do we think it’s a good idea to sit outside?

She added we could end up like Norway, having little say, but having to comply with everything and concluded “it’s crazy and much better to try and change the rules from within”. Could not have put it better myself!

Paul Sparks

Roman Way,