LETTER: Why not join us?

Paul Newman, a self-confessed Tory calls for people to support “the Liberal Party” in order to keep us in the single market (Sussex Express, July 8).

Welcome, Mr Newman, but why not go the whole hog and join the Liberal Democrats? Thousands have done so since both the election result and the disastrous victory of the Leave campaign.

My MP, Nus Ghani, like Mr Newman’s Maria Caulfield, voted against the UK’s best interests by campaigning to Leave.

I should like to publicly, via the Sussex Express, ask Nus Ghani three questions. Perhaps Ms Caulfield’s constituents would like to ask her the same questions.

1.Will she press the Treasury to match the subsidies formerly paid by the EU to East Sussex farmers if Brexit is finally victorious?

2.Will she recognise that referendum results are, legally, only advisory, and therefore join the call for a vote on membership of the EU by the Commons, and if such a debate takes place will she vote to Remain and so recognise the disastrous consequences of her Leave vote?

3.Does she agree with David Cameron’s call of 2007 when Gordon Brown stepped into Tony Blair’s shoes? He said then: “Gordon Brown doesn’t have the mandate, he wasn’t elected as Prime Minister, and he should go to the country.” If she does, will she urge the new prime minister to call an early election?

An answer from both of them in this newspaper would make interesting, perhaps illuminating, reading.

Alan Whittaker


Wealden LibDems