LETTER: Why not market building now?

May I add to your article on p 3 last week [February 10] concerning the refurbishment of the Turkish Baths in Friars Walk, Lewes?

Why can’t Lewes District Council put the building onto the open rental market, before it is refurbished, to gauge interest?

I know of two well-established local businesses who are keen to rent it, as is, without the unnecessary expenditure of council tax-payers money which could be better used on, for example, special education, support for the disabled and those with mental health problems.

Also the proposed refurbishment threatens the life of the beautiful Himalayan Birch tree as the paved area will cover its roots.

If any of us mere residents were put in a planning application for a glass door with aluminium frame to replace one of the windows, and thus ruin the only original façade of this mid-19th century building, it would be rejected. But as the council is both applicant and decision-maker in this planning application, I suppose normal conditions do not apply.

Dee O’Connell,

Friars Walk, Lewes