LETTER: Why should my pets suffer?

If you’ve suffered the childish immature bangs and the unsettling of pets and other animals through ‘Bonfire’ you’ll realise that it’s time to call a halt on these pointless firework displays cornering various parts of Lewes.

I neither care of retribution or the potential of being an ‘Enemy of Bonfire’ when I watch my pets struggle with the logic of lighting a rook scarer 50 yards from my house.

History is history. You do not emulate the potential of explosion at the Houses of Parliament. Grow up Lewes. Get organised if you must have these explosions but give consideration to the many pets that suffer in the name of your fun.

If you want an effigy, go ahead but you know it’s true and many will agree.

Bob Munnery

Whitegates Close, Chailey