LETTER: Will May u-turn on funding?

So Mrs May can change her mind about an early General Election due to party political self-interest (she has clearly stated at least half a dozen times that she will see the term through to 2020 for the stability of the country) but unfortunately does not choose to change her mind regarding her party’s needless public service and welfare ‘austerity’ cuts.

In my 35 years as an educational professional I have not previously witnessed a national campaign such as the one in recent months which has been reported in your paper.

Led by headteachers, their staff, governors and supported by parents and unions they point out the damaging reality of what these educational cuts mean for their students: larger classes, fewer staff, less equipment and restricted extra-curricular opportunities.

Has May U-turned and pledged to look again at the funding formula?

Has she, and Greening, backtracked on their wasteful spending on free schools and Grammar schools as announced in Hammond’s budget? Unfortunately not.

Let’s hope that May’s politically expedient decision to call a snap General Election will bring her ‘nasty’ party the result they deserve.

Sherry Russell

Retired Head of Lewes Sixth Form College

Ferrers Road, Lewes