LETTER: Will the rectory be restored to its former glory?

I read with interest the letter from the Lewes Subud group regarding their intentions for the development of the St Anne’s site in Lewes.

Understandably at this stage, the plans are somewhat vague but they explain their intention to ‘preserve the unique beauty of this site’.

Central to that uniqueness, I would suggest, is the former St Anne’s Rectory, which was built in 1834 and most recently used by the county council as a school for children with special educational needs.

It is an excellent example of an early 19th-century villa and sits very well within the site.

Unfortunately, in recent years it has been allowed to deteriorate and been the subject of vandalism. Nevertheless it could be renovated and become a valuable community asset.

May I ask Lewes Subud to offer an assurance that, should they be successful in acquiring the site, this fine building will be preserved and restored to something like its former glory?

Simon Giddey

Grange Road, Lewes