LETTER: You are entitled to know our core beliefs

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I sympathise with Eric Woodward’s request for Seaford town councillors to disclose how they will vote in the EU Referendum.

As he says all our local decisions will ultimately be influenced by whether we are part of the Union or not. Some of my fellow councillors don’t seem to regard themselves as politicians, which they most definitely are!

The electorate is entitled to know what their core beliefs are. Why should any politician be so coy about such a crucial decision and not be open about their reasoning.

I disagree with Mr Woodward in that I don’t believe a formal council meeting is the right place for this. I am happy to ‘disclose’ that I will be voting to stay IN the EU and believe it will be disastrous for us to be cut adrift from our European partners.

I trust when we come up for re-election, even if that’s in three years’ time, councillors will be open about their decision.

Penny Lower

Labour Councillor: Seaford Central

Sutton Park Road