LETTER: You are what you eat

It is sad to see the way the NHS is run since the government put it in the hands of the trusts.

We hear every day of neglect in hospitals, like the boy, age two, who had to wait six hours on a drip laying across two chairs at the hospital as they claimed there were no beds available.

Now we hear that doctors might be charging for care home visits.

Their high salaries should be sufficient, as this is pure greed on the vulnerable. Prescription charges continue to rise, some will stop taking their medication as a result. People will end up going to the hospital for treatment.

Where is the care in the community? You are just a number today.

The NHS waste money on too many gastric bypass operations on people who create their own problems and make themselves obese. Willpower costs nothing and money should be used for those urgently waiting for surgery not the self-indulgent at the expense of the NHS. Fast foods were introduced by the Americans, this is why the majority of people who like fast foods live this way today. You are what you eat.

Mrs D Myles

Brands Close

South Heighton