LETTERS: Changes at rubbish tips

Bins in Bentley Street, Melton EMN-180904-175020001
Bins in Bentley Street, Melton EMN-180904-175020001

I have to say that this is another demonstration of council action, which doubtless took a lot of time and money to arrange, which flies in the face of common sense.

Reducing opening hours (ESCC love the term revising, but the reality is they mean reducing) and introducing charges is likely to have an impact, but not the one ESCC set out to achieve.

The immediate effect will be a vast increase in fly-tipping, particularly in rural areas where it is already a significant problem.

If it is more difficult to get to public tips, and users are likely to incur a charge in doing so, then a significant proportion will take the easy way out.

Of course absolutely no money will be saved, due to the additional costs associated with cleaning up fly-tipping. Veolia are likely to be able to increase their profits, but they will be the only beneficiary.

I am beginning to think that ESCC is an organisation is no longer fit for purpose; they do less and less with more and more money.

Their only response to a shortage of resources is to cut front-line services, and they can’t even do that very well.

Tim Owen

Elm Close,