Letters: Concerns over victim support

IN the Sussex Express (March 9, page 9) you helpfully raised the concerns of Victim Support in the light of the changes in Police Governance recently agreed by the Government.

I found the article very helpful as it raised issues I was totally unaware of.

The work of Victim Support is vital and, if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, I would want to ensure that any victims of crime in Sussex have the best possible support.

As a result of your report, I have arranged to meet with Maralyn Smith who heads up Victim Support in Sussex to discuss her concerns and also to consider how we can work together over the next few months in advance of the election of the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex on November 15. As an Independent candidate I can assure Maralyn and your readers that my interest in Victim Support will not be encumbered by any party political decisions.

Ian Chisnall,

Prospective Independent

Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex, Brighton