Letters: Not very calming

I REFER to your article re traffic calming for New Road Ridgewood, and would like to express my concern about it and also what is happening in and around Ridgewood. Firstly, the road closure was very successful and with the turn-around point already installed, people were leaving their cars and walking through to the shop, thus avoiding the parking problem as most of the properties close to the shop do not have off-street parking facilities. Also, further up, the care home does have some but vehicles from there also park in the road.

I would hasten to add here there were at times always cars parking here and it had nothing to do with the road closure, as was being suggested at the time. I would therefore suggest that the road be closed permanently so that a bus lay-by could be created with bus shelter, as on the opposite side of the Lewes Road.

I walk (twice daily) down the Lewes Road along New Road and into the Eastbourne Road. The so-called traffic calming advancing to the Eversfield Estate (which is nearing completion) can only be described as disastrous, and with on-going alterations over the last two years, still has not been resolved, as more houses adjacent to it and opposite Highlands Avenue are now to be built.

The Farnham Park Estate on the Eastbourne Road has the odd one-side roundabout and although there have also been many alterations to it, vehicles still go the wrong side of it. Using the scrub land, a proper roundabout could have been constructed with a direct link to the industrial estate rather than on to New Road.

If there was not sufficient room to construct proper access to these new estates why was planning permission ever granted?

John Haffenden,