Lewes bus shelter problem needs resolving before winter

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REFERRING to the closure of the Lewes bus station, is there any thought for the people of Lewes, to leave them with no bus shelter in the winter months.

Come on Norman, should you not be involved here? The bus shelter was convenient, there where it has always been. It is central to the town.

We also hear that the Lewes Saturday Circle Club are going to lose their club funding. This club is a place to go for special needs adults who enjoy meeting each other each Saturday. How caring can we be to pull the plug on them when there are other ways to make cut-backs.

Do these councillors consider the carers at all? No. There are other options to consider, not cuts on these vulnerable people. Pay cuts should be made on management and the maintenance of the large County Hall building.

We also hear about a new Asda store coming to Newhaven - another project not necessary as we already have enough supermarkets.

Planners have no hesitation in granting plans for this sort of thing, regardless of what people want. It might bring jobs to the town but there are millions of unemployed who have no intentions of working for a living while they can milk the system. We already have one blot on the landscape, the incinerator. Now we have another supermarket, while the taxpayers finance the councils with car parking charges. Without the people of East Sussex there would be no supermarkets so where is the council’s incentive to listen to what the people want.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton