Lewes Christmas decorations in desperate need of spruce-up

Anybody who knows me will say I am a bit of a grouch at Christmas time which simply isn’t true. I am very much a grouch at Christmas time.

As far as I’m concerned the sooner January 2nd gets here the better.

That said, I accept that I am in the minority and the vast majority of people look forward to it and it is on their behalf I make this plea.

I notice from this week’s edition that the town has profited to the

tune of over £2 million thanks to the summer concert by Mumford and Sons.

Is it asking too much for some of that money be spent on updating the Christmas decorations for the town?

Well, I say updating, I use the term loosely, maybe I should have said providing some.

Every year somebody drags a few strings of lights from some dungeon where they are kept throughout the year and drapes them across the High Street in a pathetic attempt to attract people to the town.

I have never seen such a dismal attempt to brighten the town centre. Every year the excuses come from all concerned that they can’t afford anything else, and they wonder why nobody comes.

Well this year they can. Time for the shops and businesses and the council to stop taking all the time and give a little back in the form of a half decent light display. No good having late shopping and all the razzmatazz if the town looks and has the atmosphere of a morgue.

You never know, it might even encourage me to unlock the safe that houses my happy face and

exchange it for my grouchy one. It’ll have to be good mind.

David Gale