Lewes cinema - no unfair dismissal

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I write in response to Cllr Dean’s letter in these pages last week, about the town council’s plans for film at the All Saints Centre. There is no lack of clarity, and proper procedures have been followed at all times. As chair of the All Saints Steering Group, tasked to find ways of making All Saints less of a drain on the community’s council tax, I was aware that the council was looking for improvements in the viability of All Saints. The steering group proposed improving the seating and stage lighting arrangements in the hall and discussed an offer by the Lewes Film Club to run all the film showings at All Saints with profits going to the council in order to reduce the deficit which this community facility produces.

To clear up any confusion the Film Club is not applying to us for a grant but is proposing to work on our behalf in exchange for a fee. They are in negotiation with the council over the appropriate fee and heads of terms for a working relationship are being drawn up. Steering group members and subsequently all councillors have seen the figures which were part of our decision making. There is no case of unfair dismissal. We do not employ, nor have we ever employed, any members of Lewes Cinema staff.

The council has told them, as hirers of its facilities, that they will not be able to do so after the end of their present booking.

The Film Club will show films on a regular basis in future and any profits, after their fees have been paid, will go into council funds and help to defray the cost of running All Saints as a community facility.

Cllr Dr Micheal Turner

Chairman, Lewes Town Council’s All Saints Steering Group