Lewes court site still has some issues to address

I am sure by now that many people are feeling worn down and perhaps apathetic about the proposed demolition and redevelopment of the Magistrates’ Court site.

However it is an important site in Lewes and an alternative to demolition has been proposed ref: SDNP/14/03805/FUL, but it is uncertain as to how many people are aware of these most recent developments and what they can still do to influence a decision.

Quora have now submitted yet more amendments to their new hotel design which was initially submitted in March this year after the resounding rejection of their very first application in December 2013. Unless you have a lot of patience and time it is difficult to plough through all the blurb on the SDNP website ref: SDNP /14/01650-FUL and keep track, so I would like to highlight that a basic conjecture image of the grey mass proposed can be found in the document ‘Letter from agent’ submitted 26th August. The new design features of steel and glass can also be found in the Sept 5th document submissions alongside drawings of the grey brick and grey slate facings of the proposed enormous block. What is still sadly lacking is a coherent plan showing the routes for carting out the phenomenal amount of waste material that would be generated by demolition and any mention at all of how the parking issues are to be addressed.

There is another 2 weeks in which to comment. I would ask people to consider making one more effort to make their voices heard. Quora are somewhat smug in claiming that ‘the number of comments received on design to date are significantly lower than the number received for the first application indicating we have specifically addressed the majority’ (of concerns). There is still time to change that.

Equally how many are aware of the enormity of the proposed new building on the Falcon Wharf site (opposite the Magistrates Court) by the river, ref: SDNP/14/00102/FUL? This has received minimal attention but will also impact the area visually, particularly overpowering to Greyfriar’s Court as it is very high, seemingly exceeding the ex-warehouses that are adjacent. Again it is still possible to make comment.

Eleanor Austin