Lewes Depot cinema - Quit worrying about competition

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Further to the ongoing debate about the proposed Lewes Depot Cinema, I would like to touch on fears of competition with the publicly funded arts facilities at the All Saints Centre.

So far this year we have visited three events at ASC: Open rehearsal of LGB Brass, The Beggars Opera and Southover Bonfire Barn Dance.

All were well-attended, one was a sellout and two made significant use of the council’s new raked seating, which is very good.

None of them showed films, and none of them would be suitable for the new proposed cinema. The Beggars Opera in particular made great use of the old nave for theatre-in-the-round.

Incidentally, I didn’t see any resultant traffic mayhem in the area.

My message is – quit worrying!

Peter Appleton