Lewes does need a hotel like Premier Inn

Seeing the new plans for the proposed Premier Inn Hotel brings to mind the current debate about Lewes and its future in regard to chain stores/hotels.

While most people agree that a vibrant high street, such as Lewes has, is provided by as many independent stores as possible, one has to consider the value of chains.

As regards the hotel, there is a dire need for a good standard hotel in this price bracket in Lewes which local BandBs just cannot compete with, not in price or service but in sheer size and provision of services.

There is a consistency that chains will bring as opposed to independents.

As seen on many occasions independent stores can close at the drop of a hat for perhaps understandable personal reasons - where is their commitment to the community then?

I welcome the Premier Inn to Lewes if we are to prosper as a tourist centre. If the wish of the town is not to increase tourism, then by all means reject it.

Trevor Hopper