Lewes link still missing

I NOTE there have been comments recently about cyclists going the ‘wrong way’ along Lansdown Place. I am not surprised. Those of us cyclists in the know, go down towards the railway station car park, along Pinwell Road, through the exit into Court Road and come out at the Friars Walk car park. This route is safe and effective for use in both directions. It is however, entirely unofficial.

People will have noticed the cycle lane being constructed between Beddingham and Firle. This is part of Route 90, National Cycle route going East to West through the Weald and Downland. This is gradually being developed and in this part of East Sussex you can now go off road from Coldean to beyond Firle. Apart from through Lewes. There are clearly marked cycle lanes through Brighton.

The Lewes link however is non-existent. The provision for cyclists anywhere in Lewes is minimal, let alone a safe signed route across the town. There is a perfectly good route away from the main roads for those of us aware of it, but nobody will sanction it. It could be used by schoolchildren.

Lewes, with its narrow streets mostly unsuitable for cars, should be a cycling community. Okay it is hilly, but modern bikes come with 25 gears and what goes up comes down. I have no problem with the hills, but the deterrent is the traffic. Children would love to cycle to school. What happened to the safe cycling to school imitative? Presumably clogged up in the traffic.

Both the major supermarkets make no provision for customers on bicycles. Correspondence with them has indicated they are not interested.

Funding has been agreed for a cycle route to Kingston and there are proposals to take it down the Ouse Valley towards Kingston. But in Lewes, nothing. No wonder cyclists disobey the rules.

David Louis, Lewes