Lewes Magistrates Court site - Plans at odds with rest of town

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A proposal has been made to replace the traditionally built Magistrates Court in Friars Walk with shops and an hotel. Unfortunately, the suggested brutalist box is totally unacceptable, even though the developers have attempted to disguise this giant carton by nailing on a few planks and slates. The flat roof, although covered in turf to appease the environmental lobby, is totally at odds with the existing Lewes roofline of pitched roofed buildings. In fact, the only local architecture it mirrors are the 1960s follies of the Clifford Dann office on Albion Street and, with apologies to the editor, the Sussex Express building on School Hill.

Should this alien shack gain approval, it will open the floodgates for similar monstrosities on the anticipated re-development of Eastgate and North Street. Unless the public and our elected councillors stop this cheap and ill-considered project, within five years, Lewes town centre could end up looking like downtown Crawley.

Andrew Clarke