Lewes MP should explain

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The only mention of Brexit in our MP’s latest annual report is that ‘we have a challenging year as we leave the UK’. This is surely an understatement.

We are facing a political crisis and the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal. Maria Caulfield is one of a minority group of hard line Brexiteers making this outcome more likely.

Would Maria Caulfield be happy for us to leave the UK without a deal? The government’s No Deal Brexit papers clearly spell out the catastrophic consequences.

Our MP represents a constituency where most voters understood the benefits of staying in the EU and chose to remain. She needs to explain to her constituents what sort of Brexit she wants and how she thinks that they will benefit from Brexit. She has failed to do this. It is astonishing that Brexit does not appear in the list of the topical issues on her website.

Brexiteers have had many months to come up with a feasible plan for leaving the EU. They have not delivered one. The recently proposed free trade solution requires border checks that will disrupt supply chains and fails to adequately address the Irish border issue.

We must listen to the business people and workers whose livelihoods are now threatened and the NHS staff who face drug supply problems and staff shortages. There is now so much evidence that we will all be losers if Brexit goes ahead.

MPs can and should vote to revoke Article 50. This would put an end to uncertainty.

Our politicians should be solving problems, for example social care, lack of affordable housing and increasing child poverty. Brexit is only creating problems.

Jim Attwood

South Way, Lewes