Lewes parking - don’t let the town die

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I have read the proposals for a change in the Lewes parking arrangements and, in fact, I cannot believe it.

These proposals will mean the end of Lewes as a commercial town, as basically there is little other option for parking.

The decision to build an unnecessary police station of such a size (which seems seldom occupied and, if so, only by one or two people) has taken away the majority of a very useful car park in North Street.

Numerous people work in Lewes and have to park their cars somewhere and many of these are council employees.

The parking restrictions suggested for the roads around our auction rooms in Garden Street makes it all the more difficult for customers to park, many of whom come from long distances and visit other shops when they are here. The weekly auction is part and parcel of Lewes.

Specifically, I object to the reduced parking opportunity implied by TRO 2007 Amendment Order 2012 No 1 in respect of roads listed under “…. No Waiting at Any Time”, “No Waiting 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, inclusive”, “No Waiting 9am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday, inclusive” and “Restricted Zones”.

On a related point, car parking charges need to be set at a level to encourage visitors to the town instead of deterring them.

I am sure you will receive from other sources similar dissatisfaction. Lewes must not be allowed to die.

Julian Dawson, Partner of Gorringes LLP, Lewes