Lewes parking is a major issue

LAST week Norman Baker called for a review and removal of all unnecessary yellow lines in Newhaven.

For years I and other interested towns folk have called for the removal of a number of yellow lines but have been ignored by East Sussex Highways Department.

A prime example can be found in Riverside North by the Mencap building where there is a parking bay for three cars but it has double yellow lines on the parking bay.

Lewes District Council operate three town centre car parks and charge 75p for the first hour. These charges do not help the shops or the shoppers in the town, at least one hour free parking would be helpful.

East Sussex County Council project manager John Robbins has stated that a recent proposal to remove double yellow lines in Meeching Road would create “a significant number” of additional parking places. Not so – 90 per cent of Meeching Road has full parking on the east side and single yellow lines on the west side of the road. Only 10 per cent of the road has double yellow lines.

Also in the article David Blick, director of Carruthers and Luck estate agents was stated as saying there are no shops to attract people. I suggest he may like to have a further look at the town. At home I have just made a list of shops and businesses in the town centre, the list shows 35 different shops and businesses and it has taken me just 5 minutes to compile. We also have a host of larger shops on the edge of town.

I regularly walk into town and yesterday purchased items from nine different shops. He suggests that parking is a minor problem. I would suggest it is a major issue for most people taking into consideration the cost.

It is down to the town council to make representation to the district council and for the district council to act and lower the parking charges to attract more shoppers.

It needs positive action by the town council, the district council, the county council and the Highways Department. I won’t hold my breath but they are the ones that need to act and act now.

John Adams, Newhaven Heights