Lewes speed limit needs positive support

Many people will have received a letter from the council about the proposed extensions of the 20mph scheme in Lewes.

If you want slower traffic to create a safer, more pedestrian- friendly town, please email the council and tell them.

The council’s 20mph letter seems to say you only need to contact them if you oppose the scheme. But to ensure the 20mph schemes go ahead, we need people who support 20mph to write in too.

We know some people are sceptical about the number of signs and whether anyone will take any notice.

As Lewes Living Streets we have our criticisms too. We think there should only be five very clear gateway signs and then every road in town beyond this should be 20mph. It would be simpler, easier to understand and cheaper to install because there would be fewer signs.

But that is for the future. We think these schemes are a very important first move. They will make drivers more aware of 20 mph in the town and most will comply, making the town safer and more pedestrian-friendly.

If you agree, please email the council at legalTROS@eastsussex.gov.uk quoting TRO/318 to express support for the 20mph scheme by September 18.

Nick Wiseman

Lewes Living Streets