Lewes Station cafe - there was no intimidation

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Your leading article on the Runaway cafe (18th January) at Lewes Railway station implies that the Flying Bean, which had been awarded the new lease, had withdrawn from running the cafe because of intimidation by a small minority. This has not been my understanding of what happened. A petition of over 5,000 signatures was raised in support of the incumbents, and this was the reason Southern had a change of heart and decided to let the incumbents stay.

It is not that people are against the Flying Bean, simply that they are happy with the incumbents. The threat to boycott the cafe if it changed hands does not amount to intimidation, but simply expresses the will of the petition’s signatories not be ignored or overridden by Southern, who seem to think they know what’s best for the station users of Lewes.

The boycott would doubtless have applied regardless of who was awarded the new lease.

Nicholas Hamlyn