Lewes station transport interchange an excellent idea

It is encouraging to know that Councillor Caitlin has tackled the dire need for an increased public parking provision in the Railway Station area of Lewes by approaching Network Rail directly.

Linked to the structural upgrading clearly needed to the road bridge of Station Approach, and with it the repairs much needed to that part of the road in front of the station, there is an all too obvious opportunity for an upper deck of car parking to be constructed above the station car park west.

This would have the advantage of redesigning the complex road junction at the bottom of Station Street, by replacing the present outmoded narrow access ramp serving the whole station lower parking area with a dedicated segregated ramp system, accessed from a newly improved Station Approach.

Councillor Caitlin has put his finger on the key to the whole matter, which is that of the land ownership and the necessary financial resources of Network Rail, without which nothing will happen.

It is in the interest of Network Rail to maximise on the extra potential of Lewes Station as a railhead and junction, to say nothing of the further potential of adding in extra bus station facilities if found feasible, to create an integrated transport interchange there. Come on Lewes - just do it. It’s not beyond you.

Michael Parfect