Lewes Support Group for the St Peters and St James Hospice say thanks

May I through your letters page and on behalf of the Lewes Support Group for the St Peters and St James Hospice, thank all the people living in Lewes and the surrounding area for their continuing support, through us, to the Hospice. We have raised over £7,000 this year so far and wish to build on that in partnership with the Lewes Mayor Ruth

O’Keefe who has chosen the Hospice as one of her two charities to support throughout her term in office.

There are few people who remain unaffected in one way or another by life limiting illnesses - we all know someone - but the way that illness is physically and emotionally managed is crucial for the well-being of patients , their families and their friends and it just simply – ‘makes the difference’. The specialist care received by those who are treated there and in the community is second to none and it is important for the people of Lewes to know that the Hospice is there for them and that they, through their GPs, may well be able to access some or all of the services provided. We in Lewes are very much within the catchment area of St Peter & St James and it is - our Hospice.

It is through the generosity of the public that allows this vital and unique work to continue. It costs £5.300 every single day to exist. Only a very small amount, less than 18% ,comes from the Government.

The next fundraising event is billed as one of the Hospice Open Gardens/Cream Tea on Sunday 11.

Please do come along and enjoy a sociable fun afternoon and help us to help others. Once again our thanks for all that you do.

Jackie Bishop