Lewes system is a disaster

Why is the recycling system in Lewes such a disaster?

Honestly, the contractors paid highly to provide the service are failing the council and failing residents.

The new co-mingled bins are to be welcomed and it is hoped that, in the areas they are provided (for many residents have received pro-formas saying that they will have to remain with the chaotic and labour-intensive box scheme) they help the District to improve its recycling rate.

It was most disappointing to learn that council Officers were against the new system which was introduced only, I understand, after pressure exerted by councillors.

On Wednesday the recycling contractors left a pile of cardboard in our street, refusing to take it because it was not in a recycling box - although clearly left by residents for that very purpose. Today the refuse men have left the same cardboard which I has painstakingly broken up and placed in my landfill bin. Today’s excuse? Who knows.

What is one to do?

We just cannot win.

Trevor R G Butler

Foundry Terrace, Lewes