Lib dem move on boundary changes welcomed

I WAS pleased to see the LibDems are withdrawing their support for the parliamentary boundary changes, not particularly because the Tories failed to support their plans for Lords Reform, although this hopefully will remind the Tories that despite being the larger party in the Coalition Government they cannot ride roughshod over the junior partner! No, I am pleased because the proposed change to the current Lewes District constituency is ridiculous!

The new constituency of Uckfield would stretch from Newhaven in the east to the Kent border near Tunbridge Wells! If a constituency can stretch so far then wouldn’t it just be better to have a number of seats to represent the county and allow voters to vote for one or as many candidates as there are seats? People could then contact whichever MP they feel will be most amenable to their issue, or the MP who lives nearest to them, or the MP who most closely represents their political opinion.

It was also interesting to see that the proposed changes, when based on the 2010 General Election results, favoured the Tories in almost every seat.

Michael Young, Newhaven