Lib Dems acting as a brake on wild Tory policies

Your correspondent Ralph Grillo (November 1) takes me to task for saying that the Liberal Democrats are the only party who can stand up to the Conservatives in Lewes.

Time and time again Liberal Democrats on town, district and county councils have provided the only effective opposition to disastrous Tory policies that are costing Lewes residents dear. My colleagues have fought against hikes in car parking charges, idiotic planning decisions and now the ludicrous ‘special expenses’ wheeze to saddle hard-pressed Lewes council tax payers with a £56 bill for our open spaces.

These policies of the Tory majority on the county and district councils are bad news for Lewes residents. It is my duty as a town councillor to oppose them whenever possible.

As to the charge that Liberal Democrats have sustained the present government; it is quite the reverse.

Liberal Democrats have acted as a brake on wilder Tory policies at the same time as pushing through many socially progressive measures.

Councillor John Lamb