Lib Dems blaming everyone else

Here we go again – again. (“I’m surprised she’s surprised” –May 30.)

Amazing, isn’t it? After a week of electoral upset and further internal party ructions at national level, our local LibDems still think they can blame everyone else. Having just been trounced by UKIP over Europe and sent a massive no-confidence vote from the electorate, you might think that their energies might be better spent feverishly revising their clearly unpopular policies while trying to better understand what the voters want – but no. Instead, they’d rather write tetchy letters, yet again berating Ruth O’Keefe for disagreeing with them, merely by committing the heinous political crime of being an Independent!

Call me old-fashioned but I presume that “Independent” means being outside the control of the major political parties and thus being able to make decisions based on the grounds of merit rather than be dictated to by party policy? Independent – she does exactly what it says on the recyclable packaging, providing a breath of fresh air in the puerile romper-room atmosphere of Lewes Town Hall.

And I have great sympathy with her dilemma regarding the choice of “the least worst option” as that’s what I’m presented with every time I have the opportunity to vote. The LibDems would do well to recognise that a sizable proportion of their support must also come from those choosing them as “the least worst option” – hardly a ringing endorsement when a greater number of people have recently expressed their preference for UKIP.

LibDems, Tories, all the rest of you – get a grip and give us a break from your childish playground politics! We aren’t impressed; we need serious politicians to take on the likes of UKIP and provide a sensible alternative which more of us will be able to vote for. Admit it – no-one voted for your Coalition Government but that’s what we got lumbered with; we all knew it would end in LibDem tears sooner rather than later. It’s so difficult to differentiate between LibDems in Westminster and LibDems in local government anyway – how can you be in Government with the Tories nationally and yet expect us to take you seriously when you fight them tooth and nail locally? Clegg is toast; it’s time for him to go.

Meanwhile, you continue to allow yourselves to be cycletracked – sorry – sidetracked by trivial parochial issues, chasing the cycling vote instead of campaigning a little harder to get the vote out in order to defend our national interests in Europe. Oh well, cheer up. There must be a few UKIP members who are also cyclists. Maybe you could form another doomed unholy alliance with them? Then we really could say that you were pedalling while the Treaty of Rome burns...

Clive Hobden,

aka Disgusted of Ryngmere