Lib Dems’ opportunistic stance on car parking

I was sad to see the Liberal Democrat leader of the opposition on Lewes District Council, making an opportunist defence of motoring madness in last week’s Sussex Express. The county council controls street parking, but the district council, which was controlled by the Liberal Democrats for many years and is now run by the Conservatives, is responsible for our car parks.

Mr Mcleary complains that the council is increasing car parking charges by 10%. He jumps on the anti-sustainability bandwagon by repeating the tired old cliché that car parking problems are ruining the town. If he had looked out of the window of my office at the top of Station Street he would see that what threatens to kill the town is the fact that it is very near gridlock at certain times. No one wants to visit a town clogged up with cars. Nor will they want to be choked by fumes in Fisher Street and Market Street or risk their lives on the pavements of Station Street. How many times does it have to be said- there is a limit to the number of cars that a medieval town can take. Unless we can enable people to travel by public transport the town will wither. We’ve got a good railway station and a range of bus services. Let’s publicise them.

Mr Mcleary admits that when his party were in power they failed to increase car parking charges for eight whole years, even to keep up with inflation! Think what that money could have done to improve the town and the district!

Why have members of a party which makes environmental claims allowed Mr Mcleary to lead them?

Chris Smith