LibDem duo went overboard

Poor old Reg Keeping (‘Attack is Unhelpful’, June 29). He had the temerity to strongly challenge his local LibDem councillors, Messrs Gardiner and Bowers, over their advocacy of the industrial turbine that now ‘whump-whumps’ at us. If Mr Bowers still aspires to a parliamentary position, he really should develop a thicker skin!

Mr Keeping explained that, at the packed and properly-constituted Ringmer Parish Council meeting, we voted 9:1 against the turbine following extensive open debate. That is true – I was there. Mr Keeping explained that the local LibDem duo went overboard to support the turbine. They did precisely that; if you look back at this column over the period prior to the public inquiry, you will find dozens of Ringmer residents opposing. But those Ringmer residents taking a pro-turbine stance were totally dominated by two individuals, that same LibDem duo.

Mr Keeping referred to noise issues. Cllr Gardiner assured us that we would not hear the turbine. We now know that Reg Keeping is right and Cllr Gardiner, the then lead member for planning, was dead wrong.

Mr Keeping could have pointed out that, despite an abnormally windy period since its commissioning, turbine output is way down on their claims. Or that, despite the ‘savings’ Mr Bowers wishes us to believe, in truth Ringmer’s residents and other consumers are shovelling subsidies towards Glyndebourne via an economically insane Alice-in-Wonderland system.

Overall, I am somewhat surprised that Mr Keeping did not express himself even more strongly.

Finally, I am perturbed by Councillor Bowers’s boast that he knocked on Mr Keeping’s front door and checked whether he was in the building. The era of ‘we know where you live’ is hopefully not yet upon us. I certainly won’t be welcoming Mr Bowers to my doorstep!

Dr Tony Parker, Ringmer