LibDems have abandoned us

As a lifelong Liberal and LibDem supporter it saddens me to submit this letter.

Work will soon commence on construction of Glyndebourne’s large industrial turbine. It may well be near completion as we go to the polls in May.

Ringmer is now a village abandoned by our elected LibDem representatives. Villagers have long argued that industrial turbines should not be constructed within 1,500 metres of homes, as is the case in other countries.

Two weeks ago Carmathenshire, one of the UK councils committed to turbine construction, took a momentous decision. Councillors agreed unanimously to extend the buffer zone around any wind turbine from 500 to 1,500 metres.

Proposed by Councillor Linda Evans, the motion was overwhelmingly supported by councillors of all political parties. Mrs Evans said: “Residents complain about intermittent (turbine) noise. I think people have understood we can only take so much. These turbines are ruining people’s lives.”

Why oh why could our own local councillors not grasp this simple point? Some 3,800 of my fellow villagers live within 1,500 metres of the proposed Glyndebourne turbine. For this reason, I can no longer support the party that has inflicted this upon our village.

It may be too late to right the wrong inflicted on Ringmer’s residents, but it is not too late to protect others in future. I urge all district council candidates at the forthcoming election to commit themselves to supporting the same protective regulations as those adopted by Carmathenshire. They might also encourage the South Downs National Park Authority to follow suit.

Dr Rosie Boxer, Ringmer