Liberal Democrat’s disappointment

Last week’s election results were of course disappointing for me and my Lib Dem Colleagues.

The news that the party had lost so many talented MPs nationally was hard to bear, but the loss of our own highly respected, hard-working and community-minded Member of Parliament Norman Baker, was devastating to many.

Our town and district Council results were far more encouraging and I, like many of my colleagues, found the public support for our continued representation of their interests extremely humbling.

The support expected for UKIP, did not in the main materialise and residents continued to place their trust in the commitment we have shown to our communities.

I would like to thank those who voted for me personally and of course for my Lib Dem colleagues.

I can assure you all, that we will continue to work hard for you and to ensure that the communities we represent, to get the best deal possible.

We have not committed to giving up our spare time for the next four years lightly and the issues that are of concern to the communities we represent, are the same ones that encouraged us to stand in the first place.

We have been joined by some great new community representatives, who will bring new ideas and energy to the work we do. I would like to send my personal thanks to the former Councillors that have stood down at the last election, or lost their seats and to all those candidates that were brave and determined enough to stand in last week’s election.

You deserve the residents’ gratitude for putting yourself forward for what often feels like a thankless task, but is more often than not, rewarding and satisfying.

Cllr. Steve Saunders

Town and district councillor (Newhaven Valley)