Litter problem unacceptable

Firstly and most importantly we understand the Woodchip Mountain litter and dust problem recently reported on is to be dealt with by NPP as a matter of urgency.

This issue has been flagged by both ourselves and other concerned visitors to Tide Mills. NPP, the land owners and port operators, are taking these concerns very seriously. We are obviously very heartened by this but will continue to monitor the situation. The amount of litter and debris being generated is unacceptable. This is fully appreciated by all concerned.

In terms of our meeting on Sunday, October 16, members of the Friends of Tide Mills collected around 15 sacks of assorted rubbish, with several larger items, including several sacks as a result of the Woodchip Mountain problem described above.

We are also very happy to learn that Network Rail has now – and after many months (if not years!) of negotiation – finally committed to the upgrade of the level crossing. These works are scheduled for early December. More details will be released nearer to the time.

This upgrade will result in the level crossing being closed for around five days but obviously it is hoped that everybody will appreciate the end result will justify this inconvenience as the crossing will be less hazardous for all and, for the first time, mean that this special and wonderful area will be accessible to all, not just the able bodied.

Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday, November 20. All are welcome – no matter how much time can be spared. Meet at 10am at the beach end of the old village road for about two hours.

More information is available from myself at or

Jim Skinner, Seaford