Litter strewn roadsides in the Lewes area are deplorable

How deplorable is the state of our litter strewn roadsides and verges in East Sussex and in particular in the Brighton and Lewes areas.

Just take a drive along the A26 and A27 in theses council areas and you will see tonnes of rubbish and in particular plastic packaging that create an unsightly decoration that is rapidly turning beautiful East Sussex into something that resembles a war zone and if one follows a lorry making a delivery to the Newhaven incinerator it is easy to see where the majority of it comes from.

The lorries either delivering to or leaving the incinerator often have faulty or non existent screens and covers and one can witness a stream of litter being sucked from them and deposited on the roadside.

When the incinerator was in the planning stages several well meaning lobby groups were formed to oppose it but realistically they were fighting the inevitable and would have been better off ensuring that the building that houses the burner was designed to blend in with its surroundings rather than the oversized Nissen hut that we now have and also to ensure that the operator provided sufficient manpower to clean up the overspill.

The incinerator was foisted upon Newhaven on the basis that it would be a benefit to the local community but in reality it has created a shameful blight that is a disgrace to the county.

There is a solution and that is for the councils or departments concerned to provide more frequent and comprehensive litter picking. We must spare a thought for the small number of council operatives who are currently employed to clear our roadsides, theirs must be one of the most frustrating and thankless jobs there is and they need more support.

The lorry operators also need to ensure that their vehicles have effective covers and for the incinerator operator to fund these improvements.

Finally, we need to heavily fine anyone found discarding litter as at present I for one cannot recollect this having happened. If you have a deterrent at your disposal use it.

S Buhlman