‘Little England’ fantasy world

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Michael Parfect

Cranedown, Lewes

Since Lewes MP Maria Caulfield is now reported as wanting to ‘Chuck Chequers’, surely her natural home if not UKIP is with Jacob Rees-Mogg and his group of rebel fanatics.

Their main intent appears to be not only a ‘no deal’ exit from the EU at all costs but also in turn the displacement of the present Prime Minister, thinly disguised as the iron fist in the velvet glove. Do we really want Britain run by a Trump-style Tory despot, which is what we would get?

And do we really want an MP whose political allegiances seem to be shifting as far to the right as she can go ? No and no, I think.

Surely the honourable and pragmatic course of action is to back our PM’s Chequers cabinet agreement and her activities in seeking the support of as many EU member countries as she can, to as much of her Brexit package as possible (though it grieves me to say so), while amending the residue to fit with the EU’s position, in an effort to secure the most favourable outcome.

But if we continue down the Rees-Mogg road, the outcome would almost certainly be not only a ‘no deal’ exit but also the break-up of the UK, with Scotland going for a second referendum on independence, a real risk we consistently choose to ignore in our self-centred ‘Little England’ fantasy world.