Local police are on the ball

The police nationally have been heavily criticised during recent months, but our local force are doing a good job of protecting our community.

That is if last Thursday, the 17th, is anything to go by. Then, at midday, my wife was on her way home when she saw two young men of about 20 or so, jumping up and down trying to look over the fences of Barnett Way that backs on to Uckfield’s Hempstead Playing Fields.

She stopped to watch. The two suspects saw her and scuttled into Barnett Way itself and then called out to my wife that they were only having a drink, and waved a couple of lager cans at her.

The logic of this is baffling! She continued watching and they then slunked off.

On being told what had happened, a neighbour informed the police who arrived promptly after only about five minutes.

This is only a minor incident, but the police took it seriously and acted quickly.

This is reassuring, and I should like to give them a public pat on the back through the Express.

By the way, I like its new layout.

Alan Whittaker

Uckfield town councillor