Locals get no say in town’s development

I HEAR we will soon have four supermarkets in Newhaven town. Have the planners gone totally mad. Three is enough in this small town. We have the bridge opening about twice a week with traffic going back to the Seaford road, and what with the spaceship on the North Quay, does anyone consider the views of the people of Newhaven? No. How can MPs say what is good for Newhaven when they do not even live here. We lost the use of our sandy beach where families have enjoyed going for years. Now we are clogged up with supermarkets. Are we so well off in Newhaven that we spend more? In these recessionary times with the rising cost of living, people are cutting back on shopping bills and non essentials.

With other projects in the pipeline, who knows where it will end. It is the dumping ground for East Sussex. Motor vehicles are our major cause of pollution and this will mean more built-up traffic through Newhaven. Eventually the town will be gridlocked like many other towns. What will the next project for Newhaven be apart from Waterworld, maybe moon flights to who knows where.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton