London-Lewes rail link fares are unfair

I HAVE lived in Ringmer for the past 36 years, and although technically, I should not address Norman Baker MP as I am an Italian citizen, I feel I can.

The Olympic Games have finished and the Paralympics are taking place and my niece and great-niece from Italy were here for ten days. One day last week, we went by car to London, and they came back by train, at the end of the day. They bought their tickets at Victoria Station and were charged £24.10 each.

Yesterday, at Lewes station, my great-niece was charged £15.90 for the same trip. The young lady at the till told us that it is more expensive to travel from London to Lewes than from Lewes to London.

Also, it is not possible to travel at off peak hours from Lewes to London until 9.50am, arriving about 11.15am. And you have to return before 4pm or you pay more.

Do you think that it is right and encouraging for tourists to pay all that money for the privilege of staying in London only four hours or otherwise pay an extra £8 or £9, having spent a little fortune in public transport within the city?

I only speak for the tourists visiting London for a week or ten days. I have a blue badge and a Freedom Pass, and also a senior railcard so all those considerations mentioned above do not apply to me. But I live here permanently, and the tourists are coming to visit. Does all that expense encourage them to explore and admire the beauties of this green and pleasant land?

Nicolette Mawas, Ringmer