Mad about privatising

I MUCH appreciated Jack Lewis’ critical letter on the proposed privatisation of the police force.

One should recognise, of course, that ever since the rise of capitalism, land has been privatised, so that people no longer have open access to the countryside; the economy has been privatised so that both the context of work and the movement of capital is largely beyond democratic control – democracy ends as soon as you enter the factory gate; property is privatised so that some people own mansions or several houses while others in the community are homeless or live in squalor; the prisons and other public agencies have already been privatised; and as everybody knows, in spite of government propaganda, the National Health Service is currently being privatised.

Robin Hood – bless him, robbed the rich to give to the poor. Ever since Margaret Thatcher, governments have been engaged in robbing the poor and subsidising the rich, in making all aspects of social life into a source of commercial profit.

Why not privatise the parliamentary system of government, making it more efficient and profitable, and thus put an end to all the hidden corruption that goes on between the government and corporate and financial interests?

Brian Morris,